Vondel Bunker, Amsterdam

The Vondel  Bunker is located within the Vondel Park in Amsterdam, a beautiful oasis with some small lakes, a lot of trees and grass,right in the center of  Amsterdam.

There are two bunkers, right next to each other; they were built around the 40’s to be used as protection against bombs and shells (between 1940-’45 Holland was invaded by Nazi Germany); it could apparently shelter up to 2500 people (which is insane, if you happen to have seen the place) . In the’60 s the place became a night club called Lijn 3 (Line 3 in english), being Lijn 3 the tram line that circulated in the area back then…Shortly after the place took the name of Studio 7 and became one of the epicenters of Amsterdam growing music and art movement; during this period bands like Pink Floyd, The Who and the Small Faces played there…

And here s a fantastic video from the opening night, in 1968!!!

I happen to have one of my rehearsal spaces there and the place is one of a kind, obviously, it being a bunker, not a lot has changed.

The second bunker next door has got an array of events and artistic happening on a regular basis, you can find a little more out here.

And finally here comes the video shot by Bart Vuijk ( for more about Bart’s work check out his instagram page; SSTROBART, or you can reach him directly at: bartvuijk@gmail.com), right inside the rehearsal complex; it s from a r&b band I used to play with for a couple of years, called Working Voodoo Club. Featured in the video are also the Watusi gals.

Enjoy the highly charged energy!!!


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