Music Giants…Part 1

Last year, I had the opportunity of playing with these two gentlemen, while on tour in Europe with Zappatika.

On my right is Mr. Jeff Hollie, tenor saxophone player, and on my left is Craig “Twister” Steward, harmonica player.

Jeff has been playing on the seminal “Joe’s garage” album, which is one of Frank Zappa’ s most revered albums (…and you could hear and feel the crowd’s excitement, every time we’d launch into one of those songs…);  he s also being very active on the gigging circuit and as a session musician through the years ,and still going strong.

Twister and his harmonica can actually also be heard both on “Joe’s garage” and others like “The Man From Utopia”, “You are What You Is”. Besides his killer harmonica playing, he s also very fluent and respected for his guitar work, which has got a lot of the blues greats’ feel actually…

It was simply a fantastic experience to have been able to share the stage with people like Jeff and Twister (and of course “Uncle” Ike Willis), their experience, sense of dynamics , team playing while on stage, and incredible musical taste makes it for a continuous learning process for me, (not to talk about some of the anecdotes and great stories from the old days, which are priceless!!)

On top of all of this, they are some of most relaxed and humble people to have around, which is just the icing on top of an already great cake!!

The picture on top was taken at London, “Under The Bridge” club, right inside the Chelsea football ground.

And here it s a little memory from that night, the pictures (top and bottom of the page), were taken by Massimo Menta, thank you!


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