Last year,  during a tour with Zappatika, right after soundcheck at the Grammatikoff in Duisburg, I was approached by photographer called Marc Menningmann, whom explained he was working on a concept about photographing musicians’ hands for an exibition and a book, called appropriately “Hands” , and asked if I wanted to be a part of it, which I gladly did.

13555964_1189253827773964_1791881271_o   13579929_1189253821107298_1390781563_o13588976_1189253807773966_1089289652_o

Here s a few pics from the day, courtesy of Sven Kosakowski.

And here, you can see my hands!


Eventually, when the first exibition was hosted in Lunen (Dortmund) this past summer,

Zappatika was invited to play a show in very intimate, relaxed and friendly settings,

we definitely had a great time!!

For more info on what Marc is currently busy with,

have a look at http://www.hands-project.de



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